Our Product

Bio-mass briquetting plant is designed and manufactured to process agro waste, forestry waste and industrial waste and turn them into Bio-Mass Briquettes. The machines are designed and engineered upon the properties and profile of the raw material to be processed, which is readily available in the region where the plant is installed.

Given the huge availability of agro waste across the world, there are many installations are designed to process agro waste. The unique future of the bio-mass briquetting plant is however that it runs without binding or chemicals. The machine binds the raw material by high pressure and heating. It does not require any external heating source hence the technology of this plant is known as binder less technology.

Besides being cheaper alternative for conventional fuels, what makes its future brighter is the easier availability of agro waste in ample quantity. With the rising awareness and demand for bio-mass briquettes, more and more industries across the sectors are waking up to its benefits. More importantly, the various Governments also have realized its significance as a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to conventional source of fuels and energies. Hence Governments are sparing no efforts to promote bio-mass briquettes by way of slew of tax benefits and financial incentives to boost the usage of bio-briquettes as alternate source of renewable energy.

Let’s look at some distinguished benefits of bio-mass briquettes. The speedy viability of the company within a time frame of two years makes it more investment friendly.

  • An alternative for rising cost of fossil fuel.
  • Renewable source of fuel and energy.
  • Tax benefits and incentives for end users.
  • Earlier viability.
  • Relaxed rules.
  • Pollution free because there is no sulphur content.
  • Easy mobility and transportation.
  • Contain high density.