About Us

Green Resource Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is Bio-mass briquetting manufacturing plant; Biomass Briquetting manufactured from agro waste, forestry waste and industrial waste and turns them into Bio-Mass Briquettes. Besides being cheaper alternative for conventional fuels, what makes its future brighter is the easier availability of agro waste in ample quantity. With the rising awareness and demand for bio-mass briquettes, more and more industries across the sectors are waking up to its benefits.


To tap the growing potential of the biomass and increasing awareness among the manufacturing industry in India.


To emerge as a market leader in biomass manufacturing industry.

Location of the plant:

Plan to locate the plant in Savner near Nagpur, Nagpur is in Central location of India. This is to ensure easy availability of raw material i.e. Rice Husk which is abundantly available due to the number of Rice Mills and also other different types of Biomass can be procured from the states of M.P., Chattisgarh which are very nearby.

Market overview:

India is a large market for such fuel due to the norms set in by The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC or FCCC) and also the strict adherences by the local PCBs. “Go Green Is The Motto” for industries anywhere.